Saturday August 15 2020

Jones Greenhouse Garden Shop:

Are you ready to add a splash of color to your garden?
We at Jones Greenhouse are looking forward to providing your garden needs.

Something NEW this season is CURBSIDE service!

Curbside Q&A

  1. What does Curbside Service entail?
  2. Great Question. We are glad you asked. Orders should be via telephone or email 24 hours prior to pick up. When your order has been processed a confirmation email will be sent. We will follow up with a text or phone call to coordinate pick up.
    *We ask for 24 hours, however your order may be ready sooner.

  3. How do I select my order?

  4. Current Availability list (Below) will be updated as availability changes.
    Check back soon.

  5. How do I pay?

  6. Another great question. We accept credit cards, check and cash.

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